Reva Potter

7th Grade Language Arts  

Belle Fourche Middle School

Belle Fourche, SD





Writing, Speaking, Listening/Viewing

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Quia for POTTER

Language Arts Activities at Quia

Other 7th Grade Activities at Quia


Book Facts: International Reading

Reasons for Commas

Citation Machine Online Tool

 Grammar Guidelines and  Common 7th Grade Errors

Resources on the Web

Holt Language/Literature Texts Online

Poet & Poetry Links

Poetry Presentations

E-Muse Poem


Making I-Movies

South Africa WebQuest

South Africa Resources Glog

South Africa CultureGoogleDoc







BioCube Activity

Holt Language/Literature Texts Online

Resources on the Web

Web Search

Write to Learn

Quotes of the Week

Student Choice: Favorite Quotes

Images for Writing


Veterans' Day

Last Name Research

First Name Research


Roots/Prefixes/Suffixes Quizzes On-Line

Make Your Own Puzzles

Novel List

Main Topics for Literature


6 + 1 Traits

Essay Writing

Socratic Seminars

Audience Expectations and SLANT

Word Puzzles


New York Times Crossword Bimonthly

The Giver Ch 1-10 Vocabulary, Period One

The Giver Ch 1-10 Vocabulary, Period Four

The Giver Vocabulary Sentences

Linking Calendar

On this Date Calendar

Holt Language/Literature Texts Online

Four Types of Sentences Quiz On-line

Lab Connection: Computer Lab Assignment

Hero Speech Websites

Research Online: Making Good Choices

Helen Keller & Anne Sullivan video





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